Karl Hab is Paris based photographer capturing local street fashion, underground music scene, eclectic’s landscapes, and everything that stops his "Snake  Eyes".Real globetrotter, he has been shooting for now over ten years and does not intend to stop there. He likes to be where the action takes place. His images show life in the French capital as it happens, from late nights to early mornings spent staring at the tinned rooftops of the city.With an insatiable appetite for design, illustration and the latest trends and lifestyle. Always moving, Karl explores and capture the world with its collection of cameras, whether in the Hong Kong subway or somewhere in the world from different point of view like planes or helicopters. His trips have taken him in big cities that make our culture, such as London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. He seems to have a different vision when he travels, and capture different aspects of cities. Whether it’s the clean lines of planes about to land, the streets of a foreign city or something  simple like the beauty of ice cream on a hot day, Karl has knows when to capture the perfect moment.  It’s not really about how he photographs, it’s what he photographs. No matter what he photographs, 

He has a inner talent to raising the ordinary to extraordinary such as a glass of water, woman  high heels shoes, landscapes, street art, urban fashion and more Talented artist with high sense of beautiful and unexpected, Karl Hab has a keen eye for lines, composition and style. Whether with a Smartphone or a digital camera, he has a good eye for the  right moments and the photos are very well taken. They all look like photographs you just saw on various themes.